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With Stylsa you can reimagine the way you run your salon. Stylsa brings your salon to your fingertips - giving you the ability to control and grow from anywhere, anytime!

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Your Salon - Our Technology

Everyday salon management & beyond

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Manage appointment

You can now book, edit and charge all in a few seconds. With our advanced client book, you cannot only keep a track of all your clients but you can also have unique profiles for each of them - all organised and sorted!

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Stylsa offers a first-of-its-kind analytics which will help you understand your customer segments and revenue streams. It is important now more than ever to be futuristic. Stylsa's data-driven engine will help make precise predictions which are accurate and rewarding.

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Connecting to new customers is a key element for your salon to grow, and we will help you do that just right. What's more - we will even help you advertise at the right time to the right person. With in-built smart campaigns, engage loyal and potential clients via various channels

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Internal Management

Stylsa is one-stop solution to manage appointments, invoicing, discount campaigns, QR codes, staff schedules, and so much more! You can keep connected to your staff at all times through the staff app!

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The Stylsa Way!

Owned By You Digitalised By Us

Stylsa’s data driven engine gives your salon the tech edge! It is a revolution in customer engagement and invoicing for salons, with high-scale security encryption. The mobile apps provide seamless control over internal management processes like staff rostering and discount campaigns. You can now reach a wider customer base through our customer engagement features and blast marketing tools.

The Stylsa Purpose!

Manage Your Salon - The Stylsa Way!

Stylsa has been curated with years of effort to deliver a holistic solution to everything 'salon'. At Stylsa, we strive to provide unique and futuristic solutions to our clients to help them take their salons to the next level. We have pioneered innovation in every facet of salon management from invoicing, staff management, marketing to customer analytics and customer engagement. As a company, our motto is to deliver a seamless experience to our salon partners and help them run their salons -the Stylsa way!

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The Stylsa Connect

The new way to reach clients online

Securely save client cards on file for an effortless checkout experience using our modern, secure payments system.

Take back control of your calendar by remotely charging no-show and late cancellation penalty fees, receive automatic payouts daily to your connected bank account

  • Very low processing fees
  • Pay-by-app online processing
  • In-store card terminals

The Stylsa Way!

How it works

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As a first step, our business development experts will reach out to you to understand your needs and requirements. Through a series of meetings they will match the features with your needs and chart out a clear progress plan!

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Customised Set Up

Once you become a Stylsa partner we will customise the applications and help you adapt to the system by giving your staff adequate training. Our tech experts will personalise the app with your details, and you can go live the minute you are satisfied.

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Experience Stylsa

Your salon will go virtual with a boom, and all you need to do is brace yourself for the wider customer base, insightful analytics and powerful marketing tools! Once you go Stylsa, you won’t go back!

The Stylsa Packs!

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